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About GAIANistas

HISTORY of our WORLD (and the Universe)
insights on global human intersections that impact a thriving and sustainable future

Who are we?

Where did we come from?

What is my purpose?


Our peculiar (and unique in our known universe) species has been asking these questions for hundreds of thousands of years.

In centuries past, the wisest and most influential thinkers have answered these questions within the constraints of their sensual, religious and philosophical constructs.

In the 21st century, seekers, both women and men, have adopted a system (called the scientific method) to explore and more clearly define  our environment, macro, micro, visible and invisible. We have invented tools that help us examine deep into the wonders and mysteries of our strangely living planet and the fathomless universe, as well as the property we call time.


One of the major contemporary issues with Earth's human population is the collision of consciousness paradigms of people who chose to live with the 21st century mind space in contrast with those who prefer that of a previous time (like 7th century Islam, or a comfortable 1950's version of America).