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About GAIANistas


The name GAIANista   evolved,


(From GAIAN,  an inhabitant of our living mother planet, and ista, from the Italian: barista - bar tender. A GAIANista then, is an EARTH tender).


Our website and  interactive magazine, YourEARTH—YourFUTURE, will be the voice and basecamp for GAIANistas, where they can learn, share, inquire and network regarding their primary focus, plus engage with the whole Earth system and it’s multitude of facets pertaining to creating a viable future for humans on our small living planet.


This is a platform for all to express their personal successes, or need. We are linking with effective organizations like Temera in Portugal to share their successes globally. We would be delighted to include you as part of our management team, and also, not only in the US, in promoting commitment and advocacy globally, country by country.



a community commited to creating a thriving and sustainable future

As EARTH is an incomprehensibly complex megasystem, our survival and wellbeing

as a species is contingent on the health of a multitude of subsystems. We endorse,

support and amplify the work and commitment of those working on specific facets

of a thriving future: from cosmologists to agronomists to shamans. We honor and acknowledge you as an essential part of the process of loving awareness of our individual majesty, and right to live with health, peace and joy.



Be an involved GAIANista!

Join us and shift from being one of the unenlightened masses, to a MEMBER of our Global Community of EARTHtenders, informed, and actively engaged in creating a viable and vibrant future for all on our small living planet.

More specifically, more personally


If you are an economist or business person, forget maximizing economic growth or profits for the next quarter. Find ways to increase global human wellbeing while reducing demands on Earth’s bountiful but limited resources


If you are a teacher, teach awareness of the oneness of humanity and the right for health and wellbeing for all. Teach that we humans are at a crossroad. We can either mature and evolve into aware, responsible adults or perish like the dinosaurs. Our Mother Earth does not need us.


If you are a student, learn about your place in the historic timeline of Earth and humanity. Be clear that all of your human and non-human fellow GAIANs have an equal right to live with health and abundant food and water


If you are a consumer, grow the awareness that you do not need much of the stuff offered to you by advertisers. The moment after you purchase something new, you will not feel better — unless you have recycled a replaced item by sharing it with someone in need. If you are paying an exorbitant fee each month for a storage space,  understand that someone else could use your excess stuff, while reducing the demand of precious Earth resources and the burden on your wallet


If you are a farmer, plan to farm vertically; it is more conservative in use of precious land and water. There is more efficient use of plant nourishment and pest control, with a greater potential of controlling your growing environment. Your farm can be closer to and integrated with your consumers, providing healthier foods and reducing costs of shipping and fuel consumption (also reducing CO2 production.


If you are sexually active, be conscious and clear of your desire and motivation. Be aware and respectful of your partner’s health and vulnerability to sexually transmitted diseases. If you are not desirous and prepared to be a responsible parent and transform your life to accommodate and bear the expense of long term care of another being, follow contraceptive techniques. Learn how to give and receive the love and nurturing of your partner. Know that Earth is already overburdened by the exponential growth of humankind.


If you are a 1% Plutocrat, acknowledging that your wealth and financial status feeds your ego needs and feelings of importance, consider thinking toward a future of humanity where limited and essential resources are in very short supply. Is it possible that you might receive a richer self satisfaction contributing toward a heathy future for all of humanity (including those that feed and serve you) in contrast to progressive, disabling desperation and species suicide?