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About GAIANistas


GAIANistas are Earth Tenders  people and organizations that are aware, active and responsible global citizens — engaged in creating a thriving and sustainable future.

Anyone committed to the process of inventing a thriving and sustainable future for all humans on our little living spacestation, can be considered a GAIANista.


We bellieve that the most powerful way to manifest the committed lifestyle that is most in accord with a harmonious future would be to create a living, working experimental city. Kinda like Disney's EPCOT,

if you will, but for living and learning, rather than for entertainment and corporate marketing. Linked with similarly concerned communities worldwide, this city is a nucleus for creating healthy human communities.


- Creators and Inhabitants of EcoCities 

We have begun to envision and plan an optimum prototype future-conscious city, with a primary focus on being a Laboratory and Inclubator for Conscious Collaborative Community Re-Invention.


What is your richest contribution? What is critically important?

Your engagement and collaborative contributions are most welcome. Reserve a space with us to live and help invent a thriving and sustainable future for all. Please contact me at the phone number or email address: 619.691.8776

City Visioning...

Is your highest concern sociological, technological, spiritual, agricultural, or?

Do share your insights, your concerns and your passions. If you were to be living in your idealized community, what would it include? (In keeping with the primary vision of living in harmony with each other and our beloved Earth).




A sketch of a possible configuration for a living and learning community.  Architecture borrowed from Ken Yeang, an international visionary architect whose works integrate density of greenery with density of living/working spaces.


Central to the community; (civic leaders, social, spiritual, corporate business and technological explorers, plus visiting guests), are well equipped theaters, conference and learning spaces.


Some of our resources for exploration into successful models include: EPCOT, ARCOSANTI, Tamera, Volcano, Curitiba, Gaviotas, Marinaleda, MandragÓn, Kibbutzs, Biosphere II, Findhorn, Eden Project, Auroville, One Community, Indigenous peoples, Native Americans, EcoCity Builders


The VISION2020 FUTURE CITIES program and the prototype community

will capture, integrate, facilitate  and mobilize all of the budding and

established programs relating to inventing optimal cities. We will catalyze

teamwork and communication with an integrated comprehensive view in

contrast to each interested organization going its own way.


While factoring in anticipated disruptions from climate changes, exponential

population growth, human migration to cities, essential food, water and

housing supply, and more, we will evaluate ways to invent thriving and

sustainable future cites, in harmony with Earth and all living things.


VISION 2020, and the live community, will become a World Center for

Global Vision and Preparedness, with International speakers, and round-

tables, with scientists representing global scientific institutions, exhibit

halls full of best ideas and solutions to anticipate issues, with displays

for world class architecture and city planning, energy technologies,

transportation, food production, population management,

distribution of education.


Most important is to stimulate collaboration between visionaries,

technologists, social activists with planning and civic professionals.

“In the long history of humankind (and animalkind) those who

learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

 — Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do  not struggle to try

and change  the problematic  model.   You create a new model and make

the old one obsolete.  That, in essence, is the higher service to which we

are all being called."  — R. Buckminster Fuller


Facets of a Sustainable Whole System         From UC Davis

a community commited to creating a thriving and sustainable future