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About GAIANistas


To Integrate, inspire and motivate people worldwide to engage in preparing for a Thriving and Sustainable Future for Citizens, as part of Planet Earth, while building understanding, cooperation and harmony among diverse peoples.

Earth/Ground Rules

Our small planet Earth is effectively a spacestation, in a heliocentric orbit about a small star, our Sun. Within the incomprehensibly vast universe we exist, our Earth is a whole closed system. Humans have evolved as an integral part of this system. Somewhere in our human history - which is brief in terms of the life of Earth - our ancestors considered our planet as a Mother Earth, which is perhaps not far from reality, in that, as we have evolved in harmony with Earth, we are totally dependent on all the components we call resources. EVERYTHING we have or experience directly has Earth as it’s source.


Our very existence is exclusively exotic in the Milky Way, our particular galaxy within the cosmos. In contrast to the wisdom of many indigenous peoples, a philosophy evolved such that, because of our unique consciousness, we had the right, to have dominion, i.e. dominance, over all living and nonliving natural things. This game worked OK for a while... when there were a few million humans on Earth.


Today, both our numbers and consciousness have grown exponentially from our

historic past. Our wanton consumption, waste and unexamined behavior have placed us in a precarious position.


While Earth has, over millions of years, gone through enormous, and in some cases, massive cyclical changes, the cumulative impact of 7 billion humans’ small actions, has manifested in major shifts, destabilizing an elegantly balanced system that has been essentially stable for at least 50,000 years.


While our living Earth, herself, has experienced far more massive changes, and will survive and maintain, our unexamined behavior and hubris have unbalanced our life support system and placed the future survival of humanity in jeopardy.


Most people today are innocently pursuing a familiar lifestyle of consumption and entertaining oblivion ( supplied by the ubiquity of media /entertainment, sex, alcohol and drugs), and confronting only the climate changes, for example, that immediately interfere with their comfortable routines.


Fortunately, there are some curious adventurers and explorers among us, using the disciplines we call science, who are uncovering and discovering both the changes and human behaviors that put the continuity and evolution of our species at risk.


GLOBAL NETWORK for a THRIVING and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE brings together, in one place, the highest levels of research on the edge of all and any activities that further the potential of an evolving human species to realize our limitless potential.


We will collect from all sources, Archive and Share (Best) Ideas, Science, Philosophies, Practices and Activist’s Strategies, worldwide for an Abundant and Thriving Human Future on Earth, in order to give conscious, responsible humans an opportunity to understand the issues and collaborate in inventing inventive solutions to shift a future of peril to one of abundance. Can we restore of Mother Earth to the

mythic Eden? Working as the ONE, as we truly are, it is possible.


YOU are an essential part of the equation of success.

about us — this includes you

global human intersections that impact a thriving and sustainable future



Marv Lyons - Founder & CEO


Marv is CEO and Chief Creative Officer of EarthTHRIVE Initiative,

which he founded about 8 years ago. Inspired by Bucky Fuller and Steve Jobs, his strength is in envisioning and launching projects to serve humanity and shift human behavior to living in harmony wit each other and the living Earth.

Marv is CEO and Chief Creative Officer of EarthTHRIVE Initiative, which

 he founded about 8 years ago. Inspired by Bucky Fuller and Steve Jobs, his strength is in envisioning and launching projects to serve humanity and

shift human behavior to living in harmony with each other and the living Earth.

He studied Industrial Design at the Art Center College of Design in 1955-56. After two years in the US Army, and a period working as an exhibit designer in the early 60’s, his interest in multimedia communication led him to intern as a photographer with Charles Eames, globally renowned designer and father of the multimedia experience, on the IBM Pavilion for the NY Worlds Fair.

When his house burned down, he left Eames to begin his own photography business. This evolved over several years to become a respected production company for advertising photographic illustration and design, serving international clients and their agencies. His work was acknowledged with many awards from prestigious industry competitions.

A unique aspect of his business is that creatives at major ad agencies engaged him, not just to add his creative touch to their ideas, but create whole concepts for their clients: Honda, Kawasaki, Jantzen, etc.

At a point, in the mid 80s, as his fees and creative skills were increasing, he hit a wall. A mid-life crisis. An internal voice said that his life was not about selling stuff for big corporations. This culminated in his leaving a successful career to search for some way to apply his talents in a way that would serve humanity and Earth.

His first involvement with pro bono service was to create a very successful Spring Cleaning Event for a multi-ethnic and mixed socioeconomic community in Los Angeles. He received a surprise award from the mayor’s office. After volunteering with Global Energy Network Institute, his next involvement with an NGO was as Executive Director for SCAN, Sustainable Community Action Network.

After many years of exploration and introspection, he conceived and produced the first EcoFILMFEST & EXPO in San Diego. He later served as board member and creative director for SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SUSTAINABILITY ALLIANCE.

Subsequently, he conceived of an NGO: EarthTHRIVE Initiative, followed by several global scale projects addressing ENDANGERED SPECIES: Safari to Survival, a touring show, LONG RANGE PLANNING FOR CITIES: VISION2020 SANDIEGO, TRANSFORMATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AND LAND USE FOR BLIGHTED COMMUNITIES: Grandes Esperanza, EXTENSIVE GIVING OF GIFTS OF TREES: THREE TREES FOR LIFE, etc.

All of these projects have been placed in abeyance, superseded by the current project: GLOBAL NETWORK for a THRIVING and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, which will remain in focus for years to come.





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Board of Advisors:

       • Jerry Moles. PhD

       • James Burns, PhD




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Ambassadors: /Evangelists:

Assist with raising money into its Student Sponsorship Fund for students from the ambassador's country.

Coordinate Global Impact Competitions in your region,

Keep track of GN4F companies/alumni working on local projects - be our remote eyes and ears for your city and country.

Identify key business and government leaders for possible partnership opportunities - interfacing with policy makers or influencers in your area.

Organize and run local GN4F alumni meetups and outreach events in your part of the globe.

      • MEXICO - Vanessa López De la O


Chief Advocates:

    Leaders in Facets of human growth and wellbeing

           • TREES -  David Milarch, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive


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Collaboration is integral to all our work. We actively cultivate partnerships with organizations that share our objectives and philosophy. We work closely with a broad palate of government, not-for-profit, corporate, research, communications and academic organizations to build a thriving and sustainable future on Earth. Collectively, we provide critical expertise and a platform for cross-pollination to international, national and regional sustainability organizations, local governments and other sustainability partners worldwide.


Our Fellows:

GlobalNet Fellows represent some of the best and brightest men and women who are shaping today’s global landscape. For many years, they have analyzed, reported and predicted the transforming paradigm shifts in business and society. Via GlobalNet publications, Fellows provide Members with current information on issues relevant to the evolving global landscape. Having been nominated by Members or existing Fellows, prospective Fellows are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

To request a Fellow to speak at an event, please contact us.